Friday, December 09, 2005

Please add your email address to the SUBSCRIBE ME! powered by Feedblitz.
I changed the service, not sure if this will be better.
Also Shelly from PRESTO SPEAKS suggested I use Bloglines.
When you sign on to Bloglines you can add all your favorite Journals & you will get alerts
when the Journals have entries, as I understand it..; )
I am new to all this, so I am learning as I go. Bloglines seems to be the easiest.
My firefox browser which I just upgraded has been giving me problems tonight.
It keeps freezing on me. I am hoping to just copy & paste this in with out giving me a problem.


Shelly said...


Saw over on Bloglines that you had a new entry. :)

Firefox and Blogger don't always get along. I have FF 1.07 and have been trying to decide if I should upgrade to 1.5.

Anyway, things are looking good here, and I love your photos!

Jeannette. said...

The photo is absolutely fantastic! I love snow scenes, they're so tranquil. Jeannette.

Auntie Lyn said...

Marie, this photo of the barn in the snow is beautiful. As far as the FeedBiz and the bloglines... I'm not sure what is best. I personally did not like the email from FeedBiz with the updates, they seemed slow to me. I tend to use bloglines, but for the past 2 days I'm not getting the alerts regulary for some reason. I uploaded their "sub with bloglines" button to my firefox, and I also put the bloglines notifier in my Windows. It worked fine until a few days ago. Now last night I was having a horrible time making a post with firefox also. I almost think it was on their end. I have the 1.07 version also and wonder about the upgrage yet. What version are you using?

Keep posting these beautiful pictures for us to enjoy.
Auntie Lyn

Gabreael said...

I want snow too!


MariesImages said...

Funny.......there was no snow, just used a diffused filter..; )

Globetrotter said...


It's amazing how tempermental these browsers are! Carly gave me a little hint which she got from Karen. She said that if I use Netscape I won't have as much trouble posting to Blogspot because Internet Exporer is not very compatible with Blogspot. So I'm assuming that's why I am having so much trouble adding links and pictures to my Blogspot entries. I haven't had the time to download Netscape yet , but I'll let you know how that works out for me.

benu said...

Love this shot, Marie...High five!