Thursday, December 29, 2005

How I added an Animation to this Blog.

This is how I did it. Maybe there is another way, but this worked for me.
I used AOL FTP space.
•I already had the GIF file in there & went to file manager & clicked on it so it would come up on my screen, then copied the address in my browser.
•I went to the posting screen(on Blogspot)
•I clicked on the HTML tab instead of Compose tab( top rt)
•I click on the Pic icon & add the image where it says URL (on RT)
a bunch of codes comes up, hit preview(under compose) to make sure it works.
•then I Published Post


Shelly said...

I had an animated gif that I decided to just upload to Blogger with Blogger's image hosting and not worry if the animation didn't work, but it came up animated anyway. It's a Chanukah menorrah, so maybe it's another miracle of lights. :)

BTW, I love the animation in the photo in the previous post. It's very cool.

D said...

Thanks for sharing!