Sunday, November 25, 2007

Autumn in NY

Autumn in B & W

I've search for autumn color for weeks so I can just make it into B & W.
I try to get an infrared look & it works best with yellow trees & dark blue skies.
In this case the sky was cloudy so it really didn't come out exactly the way I wanted it to.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This was created for a special person.(Only he knows) I was not going to post it but decided to. It represents some of the little gifts that God has giving me.

I also want to thank all the special people I have met through AOL, with all it's problems, if it wasn't for the AOL Journals I would have never been so connected with so many wonderful people.
Wishing everyone a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Autumn 2007

Tarrytown, NY
Round Robin Challenge

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Montauk Point Lighthouse
Nov.11, 2007

RR Challenge: "Offer Three and Shoot One"

Greetings Robins! Time for your next photo challenge. Put on your creative caps as it's an open challenge. Post three future challenge topics with your entry and then pick one of your topics to photograph for your challenge entry. "Offer three and shoot one," your choice!

1. Anything in 3's, must be the same theme & presented in 3 images.

2. Photograph of your hometown, home state, country. Something beautiful that you love about where you live.

3. B & W landscape, you can use different techniques, use Photoshop filters....anything you want but has to be in B & W

Friday, November 09, 2007

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My e-MALE Blog Favorites
On AOL, we've had some entries for blogplugs, so here are mine. This time guys only. These are my favorite male blogs that I enjoy reading. It's too bad we don't have the best alerts system on here because Blogspot has come a long way since many of us switched over from AOL. I admit I still use AOL Blogs, but Blogspot really has some cool features. Soooooo, You will see more posts, here, for now on.

Here are the blogs that I picked(in no particular order):

Paul, aka Waterboy
& he can be found @
Paul drives me crazy, b/c you can't leave a comment on this blog, I hate when a guy has the last word! Ü He is talented in both writing & photography.

Jimmy, aka Stupidsheetguy @
Well, we all know Jimmy, what can I say, he knows EVERYTHING!!!....far from stupid~ (but then, he is a guy) Ü
I just want to add this, just in case you don't know Jimmy, he has a heart of gold, he is a people pleaser & always ready to lend a hand.

Marc, Grains of Sand @
He's our AOL's nostalgic, romantic dreamer. He's a very sweet guy who can make you melt with just a few words. Every comment he leaves is more like poetry.....He just has a beautiful way with words~

Greg, Photo Trek @
Amazing photos & very knowledgeable in photography, gives advice & photo tips.
He is an expert on capturing beautiful waterfalls!

Horton's Lighthouse

Horton's Lighthouse Sept. 2007
North Fork
Long Island, NY
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Monday, November 05, 2007

Old Bethpage October 21, 2007
Long Island, NY

Click on the title of the top 3 photos & it will bring you to pbase galleries of each place I have posted.

Sunnyside October 2007

These last few posts are my visits to local Landmarks, parks & Villages. I have posted more photos of my visits on my pbase site.

Lyndhurst Oct. 28, 2007
Tarrytown, NY