Saturday, December 10, 2005

10 Things that make me happy~Check out what Donna(This and that and hockey :) created on my other Journal, with this photo.

I was "tagged" by Steven(sometimes)photoblog to post ten things that make me happy. Here it is:

1. Seeing my kids enjoying Life
2. Finding something great to photograph.
3 Being with my kids & family.
4 A gift from the heart
5 Summer
6 Sitting by the shore on a warm summer evening watching the sun go down.
7 Appreciating each season
10.Being loved

The tag part is to select five others and "tag" them to post similar on their blogs and Journals. I've selected you all(listed below) to post ten things that make you happy.

Jeannette•Welcome to my travels
Coy •Dancing in the Rain
MaryAnne•Inside the Gilded Cage
Donna•This and that, and hockey!
Nancy •Nancyluvspix


Globetrotter said...

Hi Marie:)

I love your gristmill and think it looks quite smashing in grayscale! Your ten things are very cool, too, especially the peace part. I love peace but why is it so elusive?

Anyhow, I have not yet had a chance to figure out how to insert links to the body of my Blogspot journal, so I posted over at Miss Piggy's Place instead.

I hope you don't mind. You can just click on Globetrotter to get there;)

Thanks for asking me to play and I hope you don't mind where I posted!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite I will be doing it now. :)

I love this picture it is beautiful. Do you have it without the changes? I would so love to play with it. hehehehe


Steven said...

Nice list! You mentioned sumer twice :-)