Sunday, December 11, 2005

Firefighting~Monday Photo Shoot
There was a fire 2 houses away from us, about a month ago.
It left an older man homeless. My son & his friends are volunteers
for a local fire dept. Here are a few photos I took.
The last photo is a collage of 3 different photos. I am not happy with it.
It seems out of balance.


tess said...

Good going for your son and friends! The 2nd shot with the blur looks like heat!

Gabreael said...

WhooHaaa! You are now added.



Judith HeartSong said...

I like the collage so far...... so sorry for the man left homeless. There but for the grace of God go I.

Maria said...

I enjoy your pictures. Sorry you had such a bad experience with AOL. I'm still there but you are making me feel guilty.....You are an amazing photographer. Hadn't visited your site for awhile. I've still got your old link on mine..need to fix that. Good luck and hope all is well here at the Blogspot.

Globetrotter said...

The pictures are great, but my eye keeps roving right back to that fire-fighter!

He's not your son is he? God, what a hunk!

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