Sunday, May 23, 2010

Community Photo Challenge- COLOR


This month's subject is color...but NOT just color. We want to see you create something special color-wise. Something your camera did not see. Something you saw in the photo and created in post processing.

There are a lot of ways color can be used:

1. Selective color...create a black and white or other monochrome photo with just a touch of eyes, a child's red jacket, whatever you choose, but make most of the image monochrome.

2. Play with the different color modes in your photo editing software. Create a duotone, or make a monochrome using something other than black & white or sepia.

This challenge is limited only by your imagination so get out there and IMAGINE COLOR!

My example of Selective Color:


Using Duotone, green & black:


Below I used 2 bold colors along with Black & White.