Monday, March 06, 2006

Philipsburg Manor in Tarrytown

First of all, This Slideshow is new to me. I have been asked how I did this & would like to share. I do not think this can be used on AOL. If anyone knows how we can do this, please email me.
You can click on the froggy & it will bring you to a site called Imageshack-Slideshow Builder. You will have to register, it is free. I got this through MYSPACE.COM, but I do not think you need to belong to myspace. Once you join Imageshack, you can upload the photos you want in your slideshow, then click on DONE. It will then give you a HTML code to add to your BLOGSPOT Journal. Copy code & paste in the Edit HTML. You have to add it to POST/Create/Edit HTML.
click on preview to make sure it works. Now, this is the problem that I had. Once I liked it, I clicked on Publish Post
A warning comes up & says there is an error. At this point I would give up. But for some reason it does eventually post. Not sure why this happens.


My Scattered Thoughts said...

That is beautiful. I started a blog here a while back and I am going to see if I can put one of these in it.

Gabreael said...


Thanks for posting that. I posted a link to your blog in my blog at:



Nancy said...

What a nice effect, Marie...
Let me know please if you find out how to do it on AOL.

thanks ; )


Paul said...

Very cool, Marie, but Jaysus, when I first landed here I thought I was having a flashback to the 60's.

Lainey said...

Fantastic Marie - I love the way it changes - beautifully done. Laine xxxx

DEREK said...

woo hoo! I finally figured out how to use the slide show feature, thanks so much Marie, I think this will be a fun tool.

Anonymous said...

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