Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hockey Game


Jeannette said...

Brilliant!! How did you do that?!!

MariesImages said...

I don't know....; )
I used the codes & it told me I didn't close it out, there was an error. I thought it wasn't entered. How funny is this??!!
I joined MYSPACE & there is a sight that you can add photos to a slideshow & it gives you the codes, but, I thought it wasn't posted.

Elaine Sayers said...

Wow fantastic photography! Really effective. I should learn how to use my camera - not as good as yours - Ive got a Fuji S5500 Finepix digital camera - Im useless with it! LOL Laine xxxx

Nancy said...

Now I GOT this alert...who knows?
Anyway, great effect there, Marie. I'm looking into that program to play around with. You inspire me!