Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ice Hockey Championship

My son's Hockey team came in 1st Place this season.
They played a great game & have come along way in 3 years or is it 4(time is going too fast).

My other son's basketball team also came in 1st place this season.
They are all excellent players & started off as a weak team, but as soon as they played as a TEAM, it all came together.
Congratulations to both my boys & their teams!!


tess said...

Congrats to both boy! Learning to win and loose is so important!

Maria said...

Wow, double congrats are in's so fun when your children do well isn't it? Cherish these times...they pass so fast! Way to go!

TJ said...

I am in awe!!!!
Love this!
Thanks for your comments Marie they mean alot to me.
Hugs TJ

Globetrotter said...

WOW! YOu must be very proud and excited!

Congrats to you and the boys, that's quite an accomplishment!

christine said...

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