Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Colors Of Autumn

autumn banner

Taken Oct. 14, 2009
This photo is now available on my new Portfolio.

The Colors of Autumn

Our challenge this month is "The Colors of Autumn"
Be creative if you do not have the typical autumn that New Yorkers have. We will be giving you a FULL month to find some AUTUMN images. Have fun. Post your photos on your blog, come back here & leave your link.

The Challenge starts today & ends on Nov. 15th. The each challenge will be posted on the 15th of every month.

We will be posting some changes in the challenge. So watch for the post. BUT for now, lets get out & find some beautiful scenes.

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sunflowerkat321 said...

WOW!! That color absolutely knocks me out. Your photos are always spectacular!

I'm trying to get over to check out your new portfolio. I want to see what you got to photograph this past summer!


D said...

great job as always... beautiful!!!

nancy said...

Lovely. i like the reflection photo best. Have a good weekend. I will participate soon..Nancy

Shelle said...

Hi, I stopped by to check out the autumn photo. Gorgeous gorgeous pic.

Julie said...

I just love the way you created your masterpieces. Very lovely.

Vicki said...

Marie, absolutely lovely photos, as always. You never post anything less than outstanding images! The second image is my favorite--it's so inconic and typical fall colors, but done in an exceptional way. The first one is also excellent and totally not what we usually see in a fall shot. The sky is so bright with fluffy white clouds. Love the reflections and the composition of that one.

Sherrie said...

Beautiful Photos!! I really like that first one. Gorgeous Shot! Have a great day!

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Jeannette said...

As usual your photos are outstanding Marie! I love the sky and reflection in the first. The second one has so much atmosphere. Thanks for sharing your wonderful autumn colours with us! Jeannette xx

gina said...

stunning...but then i expected no less. :)

mtrib2 said...

The bridge and building/reflection gives a cinemaphotographic experience. The sky is surreal. mark

Ann said...

That first photo of reflection is so beautiful.

came via sunday stills.

Martha@Menagerie said...

You did the new imlinkz perfectly! Told you it was easy! Thanks for submitting these gorgeous images to this week's Color Carnival! I'll hope you'll come back and play again often :-)