Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Old Boathouse

Southampton Boathouse

You can find more images of The Old Boathouse
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The Boathouse in the '70s
UPDATE: On Monday Oct. 29, 2012 The "Old Boathouse," in Southampton, NY succumbed to Hurricane Sandy.


Barb said...

Love this photo and strolling through your blog. It is especially comforting now, since Johnny's death yesterday. The photos remind me of so many things: the swift changes in life, the beauty of nature, how it takes so little to touch the heart of your readers. Your photo on top, the first one I can really relate too, especially right now.

Vicki said...

Marie, this is absolutely stunning! I love the angry sky and the mood of the whole image. I also love how you can see through the windows to the scene behind the building. It's a really amazing image!

Aaliyahrj said...

Marie, this is absolutely beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love this photo of the house!!!!!