Sunday, March 25, 2012


“A good photo is knowing where to stand.”
~Ansel Adams


Today, digital photography makes easier to try different settings & different angles.
Explore an area & take different shots from different angles. Bringing an object in the foreground can really add to an image.
Remember to be aware of where the light is coming from. This can work with you or against you. Zoom in & out to see what works well with your subject. Try using a ladder or get low on the ground. Tilting the camera is another idea for a fun shot. If you love taking photos of your pet, get down on their level. (Above, pasted & copied from a website)

Here are some examples, CLICK HERE

This Challenge will last for the month of March. It starts today and ends March 31.

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Maria said...

I really like this..the black/white and light rose colors...reminds me of days gone by ....the perspective is making feel like I'm just walking down the road...reminiscing..(spelling?), Marie

Rjet33 said...

I agree with what Maria said. Great shot as always, Marie! :)