Sunday, March 08, 2009

bird house banner

This week's challenge is BIRDHOUSES! It's an easy challenge, so make sure your images are sharp, good lighting & follow the GUIDELINES~

The challenge starts today, March 6th & ends March 12th, 9 PM EST. You can add images afterwards, BUT, to be considered in the challenge POLL you must submit before the deadline.

Click here to join, all are welcome!!




Vicki said...

Marie...I like the effects you've added to the first photo--the edging and the blur vignette. It's a very rustic-looking birdhouse, too. Hope you understand what I mean, but it kinda looks like it should be down in the swamps near New Orleans. LOL I really do LOVE your composite below it. The three photos make a lovely story and your font and flourishes really complete it. Absolutely beautiful!

Michelle said...

Marie, I am always left spellbound by your stunning photos and incredible talent. Not only do you have the necessary eye for finding and capturing just the right subject, emotion, light, etc.., you also make the ending result of each and every photo the best it can be, by adding the appropriate effects.

My favorites are the ones covered in snow, and the first one could support a good story or poem...

mtrib2 said...

I have a way now to view the entire frame by copy and pasting into my PaintShopPro7. I like the composition with lettering as an added effect. The very rustic sepia tone is enchanting. mark

Jeannette said...

This is beautiful Marie, it looks like a lot of birds liked it too! Wonderful sepia effect, makes it look quite ancient! Jeannette xx