Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge-HEARTS!


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This heart is for part 2

2. Paint a heart, draw or sketch a heart, color a heart. Be creative.
Must be colorful, or just use color, no B&Ws on this one.
Remember, You will need to scan or photograph your heart.

Watercolor Heart3

Each heart is a watercolor. The top one is more complete
but none are perfect. My intention was not to make a perfect heart. The above heart is my contribution to the HEART CHALLENGE collage

watercolor Heart

I like the above one because there was a little background color.

Watercolor Heart 2

I included this one on my group of hearts because of the empty space, that needs to be filled in.


Missy said...

These are really neat.


Missie said...

Great job! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do for this challenge.

Anonymous said...

I'll prolly just draw something... All I have right now is this stupid phone camra so sometimes it gives me good pictures sometimes it don't :) I might get something better a little later...

Anonymous said...

Also you did a really good job! I never paint anything cause I'm not that good at it .. Yet! :)

Michelle said...

They're all very nice, Marie. I personally like the bottom one best, but they are all quite pretty. Are these photos true to size, or are they larger? At any rate, i like 'em!

Maria said...

I like all three of them! the last one kind of tugs at my heart...with the hole and all....the song goes well with the entry! I love hearts!

mtrib2 said...

The amount of control over the watercolor effect is amazingly realistic. The final version with deeper tones is my favorite. mark

Vicki said...

Marie...all three are really beautiful--like the middle one the best because of the hint of color in the background. Still not sure if I'm going to try this part of the challenge.

Julie said...

I love all the hearts, very nice.