Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Old Mill

I needed to post something here. I haven't been on much, concentrating most of my time on my AOL Community Photo Challenge. If anyone reads this, & wants to play along, stop by & check it out. Read the Guidelines & enter a photo. All are welcome.

I am planning a trip to Italy in 2 weeks....very nervous, but excited. I am hoping for beautiful weather, so I can photograph everything. I am praying to come back alive..Ü I don't fly very well, this is my first trip out of the country, my passport for the very first time. I guess it's time after 51 years....Ü

Come visit us @ AOL Community Photo Challenge & join in. We have bi-weekly challenges, but I may include an addition challenge between our main challenges. We're keeping it creative. I will post on Friday....Ü

So stop by & say hi~


Lippy said...

Well, how exciting! I hope that you have a wonderful Italy trip! What a great thing to do!

Good job on the photo challenge, by the way!

Jeannette said...

Have a wonderful time in Italy Marie! I'm sure you'll love it, I'm going there in June. I love the old mill photo.

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble posting this comment! Have a wonderful time in Italy, I'm going there in June. You'll love it! Great photo of the old mill! Jeannette xx

Jennifer Robin said...

Your Old Mill photo is lovely. Work of your caliber is a joy to see. Thanks for the link to the AOL photo challenge, I'll have to check that one out.