Friday, April 14, 2006

Barn in Sepia 2005
Muscoot Farm
Somers, NY


Tess said...

Tried to comment earlier but I always have trouble with blogger. Anyone else? or just me?
I like this in color but the detail here in Sepia doesn't miss a thing.

Globetrotter said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Marie, and thanks for coming by my journal recently. The sepia looks wonderful, as always, but I am wondering if this barn had a red roof?

Curious George

Gabreael said...

I have enjoyed your blog. I am however taking a break from blogging.

Have A Great Summer!


DEREK said...

Oh I love this Marie, Sepia's are my favorite, and you really captured the beauty of this barn.

TJ said...

This is a fabulous imagine in Sepia's.
Fabulous....good job!

Paul said...

Where have you gone, Marie? We need more wonderful photographs.

Jonh Neo said...
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