Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pastel Collage

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  • Digital Art Photography
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    Yes, folks it's photo challenge, right here on this blog. The event will be judged by Suzanne Gonzalez.

    The Feb. 1st event is yet another blast of color fun.

    Coming up to celebrate the arrival of February is Pastels Day. Come celebrate photographs where the softenss of the primaries melt into white.

    Plan on using any one or more of these colors for the primary objects in your photos.

    Don't forget to mark Feb. 1st as Pastels Day on your calendar.

    For more about shooting for color and combining colors in your art photos, pick up a copy of "Digital Art Photography for Dummies".


    emmapeelDallas said...

    These are all beautiful, but the one on the bottom - the moon over that water - that knocks me out!

    Thank you for sharing.


    Tess said...

    All so very beautiful, I love that Flamingo!

    TJ said...

    Thank you for the link...
    your work is so nice.

    DEREK said...

    these shots are stunning, as all of your photography!

    Tess said...

    Congrats! Chech out Digital Traveler

    Steven said...

    Congrats on the win! Well deserved :-)

    Globetrotter said...

    Holey Moley! I can see why you won!

    This collage is absolutely breathtaking Marie! Congrats!

    WOW...I can't say it enough....